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On-line Learning

The concepts of human research ethics and GCP are the key to proper protection of study participants’ rights, safety and well-being and safeguarding the quality of clinical studies. To facilitate continuous education of investigators and study personnel in human research ethics and GCP, HKU-CTC has entered into an international strategic collaboration with the Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation Programme (TRREE) of the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

TRREE is a high-quality, open on-line learning platform accessible to all clinical research personnel free-of-charge, and is a wonderful option for continuous learning. Users may do a simple registration on the TRREE website (English version:; Chinese version:, and then can start learning anytime, anywhere through the Internet.

The collaboration in TRREE brings together the research ethics expertise of the West and the East and integrates HKU-CTC’s on-site training and TRREE’s on-line learning, and is anticipated to contribute significantly to protection of study participants and quality of human research in emerging regions and also globally.