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Recruitment of Volunteers

Advancement of medicine is based on research that ultimately must include clinical studies involving volunteers, and therefore relies on the active participation of volunteers. According to recognized human research ethics principles such as the Declaration of Helsinki and the Belmont Report, participation in clinical studies is a right of any person, and hence people should be provided appropriate access to the opportunities of participation in clinical studies.

Being an ethical clinical research organization, HKU-CTC has been active in public education on clinical research participation through various public channels. Over the years, it has established a database of volunteers – including patients and healthy people – who are interested in contributing to the advancement of human healthcare and new drug development. With deep understanding on the local culture and compliance requirements, HKU-CTC is able to design recruitment strategies and develop recruitment materials tailored to the needs of specific clinical studies.

Active public education on clinical research participation
Volunteer database including patients and healthy people
Tailored recruitment strategies
Development of recruitment materials (e.g. posters, leaflets and newspaper advertisements)