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Strategic Clinical Research Consultation

Clinical studies are highly complex projects that require integrated expertise in medical and clinical sciences, ethics, regulatory and legal affairs, project management, financial management, study site management, data management and medical statistics, as well as deep knowledge in the local healthcare system and medical communities. A successful clinical study starts from holistic strategic planning considering all the above aspects.

HKU-CTC cares about the success of every clinical study – whether industry-sponsored or investigator-initiated. Its business and project intelligence professionals have strong multidisciplinary capabilities in clinical research sciences, business, management and operations and extensive networks with major clinical research stakeholders such as investigators, public and private hospitals/clinics, research ethics committees, regulatory authorities, clinical and research laboratories, imaging centres, various professional service vendors, and the industry. HKU-CTC is able to offer professional advices and solutions fitting the strategic needs of investigators, sponsors, CROs and other clinical research institutions, contributing to materialization and successful completion of clinical studies in shorter time, lower costs and better quality.

Consultation on clinical studies in Hong Kong and in the Asian region
Multidisciplinary business and project intelligence professionals
Extensive networks with clinical research stakeholders worldwide
Efficient and effective strategic planning leading to initiation and completion of clinical studies in shorter time, lower costs and better quality