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Biological Specimen Management Unit (BSMU)

HKU-CTC’s Biological Specimen Management Unit (BSMU) is a dedicated facility equipped with regularly calibrated and properly maintained equipment for supporting HKU-CTC’s biological specimen management services. Biosafety cabinet, refrigerated centrifuges and incubator are available for processing of specimens. All medical freezers are monitored by temperature data loggers and supported by emergency electricity backup, uninterrupted power supply and round-the-clock monitoring and alarm system. Calibration and maintenance records are available for all major equipment.

Card access control
Biosafety cabinet for specimen handling
Refrigerated centrifuges and incubator for processing of specimens
-20°C and -70°C medical freezers for specimen storage
Temperature data loggers for medial freezers
Emergency electricity backup and uninterrupted power supply for medical freezers
24-hour monitoring and alarm system for medical freezers
Regular maintenance/calibration for major equipment (with full documentation)