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Institutional Review Board
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At HKU/QMH, clinical studies are overseen by the Institutional Review Board of The University of Hong Kong/Hospital Authority Hong Kong West Cluster (HKU/HA HKW IRB).

HKU/HA HKW IRB is an independent committee established jointly by HKU and the Hospital Authority Hong Kong West Cluster (HA HKW) in accordance with the requirements of the ICH GCP and is governed by the two organizations through the Governance Committee (GC). It consists of scientific members with a wide diversity of clinical and medical expertise, non-scientific members whose primary expertise is not in any medical-related area, and independent members who are not affiliated with HKU or HA HKW. The mission is protecting the rights, safety and well-being of study participants with respect to their participation in clinical studies conducted under HKU and/or HA HKW through initial review and continuous oversight of such clinical studies from the ethical and scientific perspectives.

HKU/HA HKW IRB operates in compliance with its written SOP and the core principles of the Declaration of Helsinki and the ICH GCP, as well as other applicable international, national or local ethics standards or regulatory requirements.

Institutions under the jurisdiction of the HKU/HA HKW IRB
University Address
The University of Hong Kong Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
Hospitals Address
Grantham Hospital 125 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
MacLehose Medical Rehabilitation Centre 7 Sha Wan Drive, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
Queen Mary Hospital 102 Pokfulam, Hong Kong
The Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay 12 Sandy Bay Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
Tsan Yuk Hospital 30 Hospital Road, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals – Fung Yiu King Hospital 9 Sandy Bay Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
Tung Wah Hospital 12 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
The Prince of Philip Dental Hospital 34 Hospital Road, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Clinics Address
Aberdeen Jockey Club General Outpatient Clinic 10 Aberdeen Reservoir Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Ap Lei Chau General Outpatient Clinic 161 Ap Lei Chau Main Street, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong
Central District Health Centre General Outpatient Clinic 1 Kau U Fong, Central, Hong Kong
David Trench Rehabilitation Centre No. 1F, High Street, Hong Kong
Kennedy Town Jockey Club General Outpatient Clinic 45 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Sai Ying Pun Jockey Club General Outpatient Clinic 134 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong